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The spirit and the bride

 This website is built under the instruction and leadership
of our Abba Father

We hope you feel at home here, where it is intended to draw you closer to the Father’s Heart and help you prepare in these last days for our Beloved Bridegroom YAHUSHUA HAMASHIACH.

We love you and bless you with God’s Shalom,
~Your beloved brothers and sisters in Yahushua

Abba Father has now led us to focus on the following goals:

  • #1 Goal: To build YHWH’s Global Network. “A clean Godly alternative internet for all to use.”  After the completion of an 80-day fast with a group of brothers and sisters across 7 nations this Fall of 2015, YHWH commissioned us to create, build and implement a clean Godly alternative internet for all to use during the End Times.
  • To help the persecuted Christians of the world in many various facets and capacities;
  • To help those who particularly need help escaping from unsafe areas where the LORD has warned of impending disasters or danger at hand. Many in these circumstances do not have the resources and financial means to get themselves and their families moved to a safe location;
  • To assist Abba’s Helping Hands in compassion projects for the disadvantaged and the needy across the world;
  • To assist Abba Father in His End-Time Revolution, Reformation, Great Awakening and Revival- to reap the Last Great Harvestings of Souls for the Kingdom of God;
  • To assist Abba by helping to build and establish His End TimeTabernacle in His Holy Land;
  • To assist 3rd world nations in spreading the gospel and preparing for the coming of the Bridegroom, Yahushua HaMashiach~Jesus Christ.