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The spirit and the bride

Beloved brothers and sisters,
I have not been on the internet much lately, as we are consecrated in fasting and prayer 40 days in the wilderness. May the Lord bless you and keep you always.
Your brother and sister in Christ~

(UPDATED June 7, 2017)

the enemy’s attacks! 

 This website is built under the instruction and leadership
of our Abba Father

We hope you feel at home here, where it is intended to draw you closer to the Father’s Heart and help you prepare in these last days for our Beloved Bridegroom YAHUSHUA HAMASHIACH.

We love you and bless you with God’s Shalom,
~Your beloved brothers and sisters in Yahushua

Dearest Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Yahushua Ha Mashiach~Jesus Christ: Please watch this Important Message from our Father YHWH GOD.  THANK YOU & BLESS YOU to ALL who have faithfully joined in the fastings & prayers, who have contributed love-gifts and helped to support YHWH’S Two Witness Ministry.  Let us prepare ourselves in all Holiness, Humility, Faith, Love, and Readiness for what YHWH is about to do upon this earth!  Please seek HIM diligently for how you can help establish YHWH GOD’s REVELATION 11 END TIME MINISTRY–NOW beloveds!  We Bless you and Love you in the Name of our BRIDEGROOM, SAVIOR,  LORD & KING YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. WHO IS COMING VERY SOON!
Blessings & Shalom,
servants of YAHUWAH, Yahushua, and their precious Ruach HaKodesh
A final thank you pdf

Important Links:

Receive Salvation!~ Be born again! through our Lord Jesus Christ ~Yahushua HaMashiach!  http://www.yhwh-glory-end-time-ministry.com/index.php?p=1_2_Steps-for-Salvation
Holy Spirit Baptism and being baptized with Holy Fire (Sanctification): http://www.yhwh-glory-end-time-ministry.com/index.php?p=1_75_Baptism-of-the-Holy-Spirit
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Love Offerings:


Here is the bank information of our beloved sister Miryam who is coordinating the ministry work in South Africa. You can use this also to send a love offering to the ministry.  Miryam will soon be getting a ministry paypal account to go with these:
Monique Botha
Standard Bank
10082872803 acc #
014737 branch code
Vaal Mall SC
Swift Code SBZA-Z9 JJ



Special Love & Shalom Message from YHWH

~To Our Beloved Sons and Daughters, Subscribers & Faithful Supporters of THE LAST CALL of YHWH GOD

Prophetic Oracle Delivered in Songs from Heaven:
Given July 13, 2016, sent out February 5, 2017.


Dear Lord, we welcome You here tonight.  We thank You.  We invite You, Holy Spirit~Ruach HaKodesh, tonight.  We thank You.  Father God, we invite You here tonight, YAHUWAH.  We thank You in Yahushua’s Name.

Oh Father God, I feel Your heart.  Oh Father God, I see Your heart.  Oh Father God, You see everything.  Oh Father God, all the Apostasy it’s all around, all the Abominations happening, My Love— it’s spreading like a gangrene to the Earth, My Love.  You warned us for so many years.  You raised up Your watchmen on the walls, You gave us so much Mercy and Grace.  And look what we’ve become, Your human race!  We’re worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, LORD.  We’re worse than in Babylon.

It’s like in the days of Noah as Yeshua spoke of: Men and women drinking, marrying and giving in marriage without a care—and then, SUDDEN DESTRUCTION COMES:  The Deluge, the Tsunamis, the Deluge of Floods from underneath in the firmament and in the heavens up above!  It’s like in the Days of Noah now, My Love.

Oh the Wickedness, oh the Iniquity, the Idolatry, LORD, the Vanity!  Look and see Abominations, Apostasy, denying Who You Are.  Without a care in the world they say, “Oh YHWH doesn’t see, YHWH doesn’t care anyway.” Look at them: they’re putting it in Your Face, My Love!  They’re having pride campaigns.  They’re parading themselves, no longer like human race.  They’ve become like animals and everything You speak of in Your Holy Scriptures that’s pure Abomination to You. 

Abba, bring forth Eliyahu to Judge this World!  Bring forth

Eliyahu so He can rightly bring Justice and Truth to this

Wicked, Wicked Earth!

How much worse will it be in a year from now, LORD?  I can’t imagine –how much worse will it be three or four years from now?  The Decay, the Apostasy, it’s spiralling down—it’s so severe now.  How can you NOT rightly Judge this Earth, My Love?  The cup of Iniquity is so full, the weights have been balanced and they have been found wanting.  Oh it’s Time to bring forth Your Son!

My Beloved Yahushua, it’s Time to make things right, My Love.  I know this has broken Your heart to the core, but My Love, it’s Time to ROAR!  It’s time to be the LION OF JUDAH, and Judge—and Judge righteously across the Earth!  Your Church first, My Love, you Judge them first.

Look at all the signs on the earth;

Look at all the signs in the heavens;

Look at all the signs with the people…



You MUST turn back from this Wickedness, or you shall be SO HARSHLY JUDGED!  There’s so little time now.  Eliyahu pushes down in my womb to come.  He wants to see His Mummy and Family.  He wants to meet His Daddy Yahushua!  He wants to go to Heaven and be changed and glorified so He can come down to Judge, like the Righteous Judge He shall be.  Eliyahu Yirmeyahu Yeshayahu Yahushua:  What a Righteous, Righteous Son and Judge you shall be, My Love, my Beloved Son.

Prophetic Oracle of YAHUWAH:

And as ~kindle has come off of her weekly Esther Fast, I now address Our Beloved Sons and Daughters tied and subscribed, who have fasted and prayed and contributed to MY LAST CALL of YAHUWAH. 

I speak to you: I say listen, Beloveds.  While you fast and pray, your Father God speaks through His Ruach HaKodesh to your spirits now.  I Am setting everything up right now; I Am setting everything up right now.  I Am setting everything up right now with My Two Witness Ministry for this Earth right now!  So please listen to what I speak to thee now:

I shall establish an Operations in America in the mountains.  I shall establish an Operations in Yerushalayim, both East and West: in the City of David, and where My Israelites from the nations have coalesced in Western Yerushalayim. 

And I shall establish an Operation now in two separate places in Wales where My Spirit shall pour out Mightily when Eliyahu comes—MY SON WILL BE BORN!  He shall be delivered by His Father Yahushua and taken to the heavenlies with the Family, My Covenant Family We have chosen of this Earth right now, to be changed, to be glorified and trained, and sent back down in My Perfect Timing, ordained by ME~ your YAHUWAH.

So as I begin to wrap this chapter up with My Bride, ~kindle My Fire, who I chose for My Son Yahushua~ We will be needing you to step up NOW and seek My Face in fasting and prayer to see how you can help Me establish these right now before they leave the Earth, for it is soon. 

We will be putting a home on land that’s been granted to My Bride and Eliyahu in the City of David before it’s split.  My Sons and Daughters, hear Me—Before it’s Split in Two!  We will be putting a home on this land that is quite grand and been ordained from the Beginning of Time to be granted to My Two Witnesses, ‘cause it is Time, My Dears, My Loves~ IT IS TIME.   We will be getting a brother of Christ~of Yahushua~ established from the 144,000 now, who is a native of Yerushalayim.  And he will be taking care of this land and getting it all ready with cars and things it needs.  And we have a servant of Mine already in West Yerushalayim who has a home for them, My Olive Trees~My precious Menorahs of Mine.

In America, in My Mercy I’m establishing a Two Witness Ministry.  It will be hidden and unknown.  And I ’m soon to buy many homes on pieces of lands.  So My Dears, open your hands and release the finances now for this Ministry that shall be managed by one of My 144,000 of Earth, brothers and sisters around them. 

And now I speak about the nation of Wales.  Beloveds, mighty things are about to happen to this People.  Beloveds, many things are about to happen in these Lands!  Beloveds, many releases of Heaven are about to happen ‘cause I have decided a thing—it shall spring forth from this Land:  His Name is Eliyahu, My Son from the Womb of My Bride in My Hands.  I say I shall establish two homesteads here with acreage, and many things I will do here, establishing an End-Time Tabernacle of Mine.  My Bride built one for Me in Israel where I Consummated with her almost three years ago (July 22, 2013) outside of Jericho in Israel! 

And now it’s Time once again to start it here where My Blessing, My Son comes forth.  Yahushua’s Beloved and her Family shall bring forth the Gift of Humanity.  And those that are right with ME, blessed shall you be with Him.  And those who are not right with ME, oh what a Judgment will you face with Him!  And cursed will it seem to thee, I say this day. 

But I say, wasn’t Yahushua born in Bethlehem?  Might I just do it more uniquely now in a little land I call My David, Little David: Wales?  Yes indeed, I brought righteous men and women here many, many, many years ago.  And I established a little town here and there, many like My Holy Land.  Many had the same names, many had the same—oh dear, even people.  Israelites I established here but they were Christians as well.  Messianics, Messianics in this bloodline here.  Many, many Messianic bloodlines—long, long generations.  And so, I will begin once again near a little town called Bethlehem.

A Great Reformation and Revival Comes to Wales!  With the Blessed Child I bring forth from My Bride’s Womb, from Wales!  It shall be the example of a Holy Nation.  It shall be an example of a Mighty Nation under GOD; a Mighty Nation under Yahushua; a Mighty Nation under Our Holy Spirit~Ruach HaKodesh, My Loves.

 I Am Coming.  We are Coming as the Lion of Yehudah to deliver Our Eliyahu.  To deliver our Bride ~kindle My Fire and her little ones, Esther-Rose and Hanokh (Enoch) Judah.  We’re about to get everything established now for the Two Witness Ministry of this Earth! 

Prepare Now Beloveds!

Prepare Now Beloveds! 

Get yourself right with Us—

Much Judgment comes! 

Much Judgment comes, much Judgment

that’s been decreed already in the

Courtrooms of Heaven Up Above.

Thank you, Beloveds, who have believed My Last Call of YAHUWAH GOD.  You shall be blessed for every prayer you’ve prayed; you shall be blessed for every fast you’ve fasted; you will be blessed for every dime you’ve given.  It’s all been reported to Me in Heaven.  And so shall it be now, and so shall it be now.





And I thank you and I bless you with Shalom—with the Peace that passeth all understanding in your hearts and your minds.
And I thank you for seeking Me of this Message;
it’s so Divine.
I have My Oracles now:
Eliyahu and ~kindle-My-Fire,
My End-Times Bringers of GOD.

Listen to what My Watchmen are speaking right now;
Listen to what My Watchmen are seeing right now;
Listen to My Watchwomen on the Wall.
Listen, listen, My Beloveds—
Watch, Fast and Pray, Consecrate, Obey~
and see everything unfold!  Unfold!

We bless you and thank you for hearing
what My Spirit is Speaking right now.

    With Love,

      Blessings & Shalom~

Your Abba Father GOD,

Yahushua HaMashiach,

and the Ruach HaKodesh

~Your Triune GodHead,

Who is Coming Very Soon Now.


Prepare yourselves, Beloveds.

Repent!  Repent, for the Kingdom of God is Here;

and the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand, Beloveds!

Prepare!  Prepare yourselves—

Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit, Heart,

everything now!

In the physical, everything I quicken you to do:  If I ask you to move, MOVE!  If I ask you to stay, STAY.  If I ask you to pray, PRAY.  If I ask you to fast, FAST.  If I ask you to go to another country, go to another country.  If I ask you to come to Wales, COME to Wales, Beloveds!  You are Welcome, you are Welcome, you are Welcome!  The righteous across the earth are Welcome.  We are establishing Our Kingdom right here, My dears, Right Here. 

Yes, the Holy Land will be where We reign and rule for the Millennium, in Yerushalayim, in Israel, but now they must be spanked!  Now they must be chastened!  Now they will be split.  Now Judgment comes so We can get a beautiful, purified, Holy Nation for Us, OH Israel.


[~kindle’s prayer]

I thank You so much for this beloved Prophetic Oracle from Heaven.
I thank you so much for this Prophetic Utterance, LORD, from You, directly from Your Throne Rooms, Courtrooms of Heaven,
and Holies of Holies.

ABBA, FATHER GOD YAHUWAH, Ruach HaKodesh~precious, precious Holy Spirit~ We thank You that You  are getting Your Army ready right now, Your 144,000 Warriors—Women and Men across the Earth who will soon arise to do Your Perfect Will across the Earth:  To speak Your Words, to become the Warriors in the Spirit that they are meant to be, and to do every amazing and astounding miracle, be a testimony for You, Lord, for Your Glory—to bring in the Last Great Harvestings of Souls, My Love!

I pray for the peace of Yerushalayim.  I pray for Israel and all the Israelites across the world, LORD.  I pray for all the innocent ones who have been misused, mistreated, in trafficking all over the earth, LORD!  And that You’re going to bring Justice and Judgment in this time to those who have done wickedly, who have sacrificed children, who have done really, really evil, rotten things! 

We praise You, we thank You, and we give
You all the Glory and Honour.  In Your
blessed Son’s Name, Yahushua HaMashiach,
my Beloved Bridegroom and King Coming!~

Come!  Come, Yahushua, Come! My Dear Husband, it’s Time, My Love!  My Dear Husband, hear me from Up Above!  It’s Time to bring Your Righteous Judgment.  It’s Time to bring Your Justice
on the Earth! 
It’s Time to Come! 

The Spirit and the Bride, The Spirit and the Bride,

 The Spirit and the Bride~

We say Bo Yahushua, Bo Yahushua! 




                                  BO! BO YAHUSHUA! BO!                 

             COME, COME, COME, MY LOVE. 

The Spirit and the Bride, The Spirit and the Bride,

The Spirit and the Bride~ We say: COME!!!

We praise You and thank You and give You all the Glory and Honour, LORD. Thank You for the beautiful Psalm and Prophetic Oracle from Heaven.  We praise You and thank You,

In Your Holy Name, Yahushua HaMashiach. 



The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!

The Kingdom of GOD is Here!


Forgive and Love.

Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for your persecuted brothers and sisters and ALL the Lost who are ordained to be found!


Blessings & Shalom~

I Love you ALL.

My Son and Spirit Love you ALL




Matthew 5:17-18
Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. 18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

Isaiah 1:18
Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.


Please Read and Meditate in My Word. 

Thank You.

Genesis 1:27, Leviticus 11:44

Esther 4:14, Job 28:28

Psalm 23:5,34:8, 51:10, 80:1, 139

Proverbs 2:1-5, 3:5, 9:10, 12:4, 18:21, 24:2

Song of Solomon 1:2, 6:3

Isaiah 9:6, 11:2-3, 22:22, 43:19, 55:8, 66:8-10

Jeremiah 1:5, 2:3, 17:23, 29:11-14, 31:22, 33:16

Ezekiel 36:25, Joel 2, Micah 4:10

Haggai 2:9, Zech 2:5, 4:14, Malachi 4

Matthew 3:2, 5:16, 6:17-18, 6:29-32, 12:42

15:8, 17:2, 18:21-22, 22:37-40, Mark 3:28-29

Luke 1:13, 1:35, 1:57, 1:63, 9:23, 21:15

John 1:14, 3:16-21, 3:27, 11:40, 14:6, 15:3, 17:7

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Gal 2:20-21, 5:16-24, Eph 5:27, 6:10-18

I Thess 5:3, 5:19-23

Hebrews 7:15-17, 11:5, 12:14,

James 1:5, 1:17, 2:4

I Peter 1:16, 1:22, 4:8, 4:11, II Pet 1:17

I John 1:1-10, Rev 1:5, 1:8, 3:7-13, 11:3-4, 11:11, 12:11, 19:7-9, 22:12-13, 22:17

Revelation ~chapters 11, 12, 13, 22


Abba Father has now led us to focus on the following goals:

  • #1 Goal: To build YHWH’s Global Network. “A clean Godly alternative internet for all to use.”  After the completion of an 80-day fast with a group of brothers and sisters across 7 nations this Fall of 2015, YHWH commissioned us to create, build and implement a clean Godly alternative internet for all to use during the End Times.
  • To help the persecuted Christians of the world in many various facets and capacities;
  • To help those who particularly need help escaping from unsafe areas where the LORD has warned of impending disasters or danger at hand. Many in these circumstances do not have the resources and financial means to get themselves and their families moved to a safe location;
  • To assist Abba’s Helping Hands in compassion projects for the disadvantaged and the needy across the world;
  • To assist Abba Father in His End-Time Revolution, Reformation, Great Awakening and Revival- to reap the Last Great Harvestings of Souls for the Kingdom of God;
  • To assist Abba by helping to build and establish His End TimeTabernacle in His Holy Land;
  • To assist 3rd world nations in spreading the gospel and preparing for the coming of the Bridegroom, Yahushua HaMashiach~Jesus Christ. 


We want to encourage you to watch these anointed programs that discusses scripturally different subjects ~with Dr. Mary K. Baxter, Rev. Dexter Peltzer and Dr. Marisol Peltzer:


Revelation Series