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Two Witnesses’ Operation: for America

March 11-12, 2016 11:59pm

Upon completion of a World-Wide

40-Days of Prayer and Fasting


My Dearest Sons and Daughters,

Today I come to you from the Nation of Wales, where I have My Daughter and My Blessed Holy Son in her womb, Elijah, and her family, tucked away in an extremely private, quiet safe haven and refuge—where she shall soon be visited by her long-awaited Bridegroom, Yahushua, where He will deliver our Beloved Son, and she and her family will be taken to New Jerusalem to be changed, trained, ordained, and sent back down to be My Two Witnesses, who are individuals who will help ME~YHWH, My SON~ Yahushua, and Our Spirit~the Ruach HaKodesh, command the Company of 144,000 Saints of Israel ~My Mighty Army of Sons and Daughters, Our Bride Company, prepared by Us for “Such a Time as This”. 

As My Daughter is now settling into her blessed home, finally, after doing mighty works and missions for Me since leaving America in the Spring of 2012—taking over 70,000 miles of territory, lands, locations, heavens—in Israel, Jordan, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and England….we are now ready to bring Heaven upon Earth and to take Our Two Witnesses VERY SOON.

As she is making final preparations—not just for the Imminent Birth of Our Holy Child, but I have also asked ~kindle to prepare now the Safe Haven and Headquarters of the Two Witness Company: Brides that will be sent into the mountains in a safe location that I have prepared now in America.  She has been shown and told by Me in Heaven that it is Time for our brother in Christ, a beautifully prepared American brother in Christ his Beloved Mashiach~ to escape from the Judgment areas he currently lives in, to this safe haven in the Mountains for this Time.

This brother will be escaping terrible Judgments and much Death that will come from the mid-western territory. 

Beloved Children, for Me to accomplish this, I now ask you to help Me move this Mighty Warrior/Son of God—beautifully trained, stripped, broken, purified, homeless two years, very tried and truly loyal and ready for Me to use—as I am about to exalt him to a mighty General in My Army who will work directly with Elijah and ~kindle and the rest of the Bride Company of Israelites whom we have prepared across the world. 

I now ask you to prayerfully come to Me in fastings~in humility~and ask Me how you can be part of this mighty ordained, private move I want to do very quickly with this brother in Christ and his family.   

I will be partnering this Son, along with other Brothers and Sisters of Yahushua, to do MIGHTY EXPLOITS of Mine and MAJOR DAMAGE to the Kingdom of Darkness—especially the anti-christ, his cronies and system in these End of Days now.

Join with Me today and with what My Holy Spirit ~ Ruach HaKodesh lays on your heart.  Especially My financers:  I call unto you, My Josephs now, to Arise!—To open your pocket books, to open your saved monies, and to assist My Two Witnesses, especially this American Operation now! 

I am setting up the War Rooms I have prepared:  Open heavens, ready to fight My enemies, to bring My GLORY, and prepare this area for many others to come for a safe harbour~ an Ark of Christ before the disasters, the destruction, and full martial law takes place in America.

Hear Me, Beloveds, I Am bringing Great Destruction, Great Terrible Judgments and Wrath upon America, for she has turned diametrically against Me, My Son Yahushua HaMashiach, and My Spirit~the Ruach HaKodesh…and she shall reap what she has sown! 

But for My Beloved Children, I will protect you in this Time soon approaching.  I need you to listen to My Spirit.  That means you need to be in consecration, in private times of prayer.  Fast when I lead and tell you.  Prepare yourselves as I lead you directly, and do the works I lead you to do.  There will be many in these next weeks and months I will quickly remove and put in safe havens I have prepared for this exact time, to ensure you are safe and your families will not be harmed.  But you MUST OBEY and YIELD to ME~ YAHUWAH Father GOD, My SON~Yahushua HaMashiach, and My Spirit~the Ruach HaKodesh.  Otherwise, you put your own selves in harm’s way. 

Establish your ‘personal Goshens’ NOW.  I will give you specific instructions of where these Goshens are for you and your families.  Take no notice for those who are mocking and scoffing and saying, “The Lord delays; the Wrath is not coming; the Judgments are not here.”

Look around you!  They are Everywhere!  Do you not hear Creation groaning and dying?  Do you not see the Apostasy and Debauchery on your television sets? on your media, your cinemas…across society now?!  Do you not see your false Apostate pope spewing poison of Ecumenism (One World Religion), that there are many ways, many pathways to Me, My Son and Our Spirit? 

The anti-christ and his system is being established and put in place at great speed as the White Horse takes full reign and control.

Do you not see the wars and the rumours of wars?  Do you not see World War III ready to break out—not just in the Middle East, but against Western Nations?  The Red Horse Rides fiercely now.

Do you not see the mass exodus of people moving from the Middle East to European Nations?  Satan setting up his destruction through Islamic Sharia Law and ISIS strongholds?  Do you not see and hear of the mighty pestilences?—these viruses that have been bred and manmade to destroy Humanity, and now the vaccines and inoculations that will further kill off humanity…that will supposedly help you?!     The Death Horse fury intensifies.

Do you not see the Mark of the Beast being introduced as a Great Thing: Gadgets of technology for these End Times that can open doors; that can open your internet; that can help you…DO ANYTHING!  And watch, soon they’ll even say these will ‘Give you Everlasting Life’!  Trans-humanism is NOT OF ME!

Do you not see and hear the economists and economic indicators across the world pointing to the worst World-Wide economic collapse coming as the Black Horse rages?!

Do you not see and hear the true Prophets blowing the Shofars, screaming out and saying “Your Mashiach comes SOON!”  Do you not hear them say “Judgment is Imminent and HERE!”  ARE YOUR EARS SO DEAF THAT YOU CANNOT HEAR THE SOUNDS I AM SOUNDING ACROSS THE EARTH RIGHT NOW SUPERNATURALLY TO ALL CREATION?!! 

Examine your hearts today, Beloveds.  Do I truly know you?  Do you know you would come to Me if you died today?  Do you know My Son?  Is He the ONLY Doorway to Me? The ONLY Pathway?  The only God you serve—the Triune Godhead of YHWH~Father God Almighty, Yahushua HaMashiach~Jesus Christ, and the Ruach HaKodesh~Holy Spirit?

Many have been looking down at their electronic devices; many have been looking at their TV’s on these ridiculous election processes.  Many have not been paying attention to what is happening around them.  Set-up distractions by My enemies are everywhere!  Have you been watching?  Have you been looking up?  Have you seen what’s in your skies?  Do you not see and hear My Spirit speaking, that a new planetary system is coming in very soon??! 

It’s no different than the days of Noah, than the days of Jonah, than the days of Moses.  Read Exodus, Beloveds.  It’s all in there for you—shadows and types of what is about to happen, especially those that DO NOT have the blood of Yahushua over their door posts and upon their families.

I do not say these things to condemn or scare you; I say these things to prepare you.  Pray like you’ve never prayed before.  Consecrate yourself from this ugly world like you’ve never consecrated yourself before.  Get into your prayer closets and READ MY WORD!  Get on your faces before Me, and I will speak with thee explicitly about what you need to do.

Your governments have been deceiving you.  They know exactly what is about to happen—and they want you to die.  But I say: NO IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!  THESE ARE MY SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE MOST HIGH!  AND I SHALL BE WITH THEM, AND I SHALL PROTECT THEM, AND I WILL NEVER LEAVE THEM NOR FORSAKE THEM AS MY WORD SPEAKS TO THEM.

Be encouraged!  The End Draws Nigh; My protection comes around you like it has never been before; and MY SON
Yahushua HaMashiach  ~ YOUR KING COMES!!



Seek Me diligently about this message, and help Me move My Son to the mountains, to My safe haven, My Operations of War Rooms of the Two Witnesses from America in these End Times. I shall Bless mightily those who assist Me in these efforts.  Come to Me, Beloveds.  Seek My Face.  Knock upon that door and ask Me anything—and I shall speak with thee.


Forgive and LOVE.


Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for your persecuted
brothers and sister and ALL the Lost who are ordained to be


The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand!
The Kingdom of


This is




I love you ALL.
My Son and Spirit love you ALL.


Blessings and Shalom,


Your Abba Father


El Shaddai

Adonai Elohim Tsa’vout

Most High

Great I AM




Please Read and Meditate in MY WORD:

Gen 47, 49, Ex 34:13, Deut 7:5, 12:2-3, Judges 6:25-32, II Kings 2, 22-23, II Chron 34, 24-28, Psalm 2, 51, 85, 144, Songs 1-2, Isaiah 40-44, 60-62, 66, Jeremiah 1, Ezekiel 44, Daniel 5, 12, Hosea 8:11, Amos 9:11-13, Book of Jonah, Micah 4-5, Hab 2, Zeph 1:14-18, 2:1-3, Zech 4-6, Matt 24-25, Luke 21, Book of Acts, Romans 1:21-23, 4, 12,  I Cor 2, 13, II Cor 6:14-18, 10:3-4, Gal 5-6, Eph 5-6, II Tim 3, Heb 11-13, I Peter 2, I John 1, Book of Jude , Rev 6-7, 11-12, 17-22, BOOK OF REVELATION.  Thank you.





Upon the Mountain above Bethlehem, Wales:

To Pray and Release GOD’s GLORY

across the Welsh Towy Valley

During 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting



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